Free Worldwide Shipping & Tax-free

GARDEN TOKYOの店頭とウェブストアでは、商品を購入された外国在住のお客様を対象に、


また、GARDEN TOKYOのウェブストアにて、総額5,000円 or 50ドル以上のご購入をされた




それでは、GARDEN TOKYOでのショッピングをお楽しみください。

At the store and on the web store of Garden Tokyo, for all the customers resident in the foreign country are able to purchase all the products tax-free.

(We will ask you to show the passport for the customers who purchased the products at the store)


Also, for customers who purchased on our web store over 10,000JPY or $100 inside and outside of Japan, the postage and a collect on delivery fee are free.


Please understand that purchasing the products outside of Japan occurs the payment of a tariffs, because of shipping from Japan.
And if the products are weighted excessively, there is a possibility of you paying the extra postage.


Now please enjoy your shopping at Garden Tokyo.


If you have any questions, contact us at
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